Concrete Options

Masonry is certainly important for structural use, such as concrete footings, however there are a wide range of other applications that go beyond mere construction. From landscaping to paving, masonry offers great flexibility in creating comfortable and safe home environments.

One of masonry’s greatest strengths is its durability and weather resistance; hence its enduring popularity for lawn and garden installations, patios, pathways, driveways and other paved surfaces. And it’s a simple job to further transform your masonry construction with a selection from the terrific range of masonry paints available.


It’s surprising how well DIY concrete can work to contrast with other construction materials such as wood. In both your home and garden, raw or treated DIY concrete can have a stunning reflective quality and add highlights to your interior and exterior design.


When considering using DIY concrete it’s important to keep in mind that large, flat areas of concrete can look, well, boring to say the least. Always consider adding a painted or other finish to retain interest. Some specially formulated DIY concrete paints maintain a clean surface by preventing minerals leeching to the surface and creating an unsightly white, dusty coating on your concrete.