At Millers We Hire! To help make your workload a little easier we try to make our store a one stop shop. Our extensive range of equipment hire will help make your projects run a lot smoother by being able to source the products and hire the equipment all from the one place. No matter how heavy the workload, Millers has the right tool for the right job. As you can see from below Millers has it all.

LANDSCAPING Yanmar 1.5t excavator, Dingo mini loaders (with bucket, auger, trencher, stump grinder, broom, ripper bar, leveling bar and block splitter attachments) Digga post hole auger, one man post hole auger and red roo trencher and stump grinder.

EQUIPMENT Pressure cleaners, generators and compressors small and large, brick saw, vibrating plates, upright rammer, trestles and planks, ladders, acro props, laser and dumpy levels floor sander, edging sander, nail guns, airless sprayer, wall paper stripper, jackhammers, fire fighter and trash pumps and wet and dry vac.

GARDEN Red roo chipper mulcher, rotary hoe, lawn aerator, chainsaws and pole pruner.

CONCRETING Cement mixers petrol and electric, quick cut saws, floor saw, bull float ,screeds and hand tools.